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Thread: Clear Plastic Main Body?

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    Default Clear Plastic Main Body?

    Hi from smoky Seattle-

    Anyone know of a source for a clear plastic main body, of the same dimensions as TCSS MHSV1 hilts?
    I want to show students how you want wiring and connectors to coil inside the hilt when a saber is buttoned up.

    I can probably get a plastics fabrication company to make one, but thought I'd check and see if there's something already out there.

    Thanks for the wisdom!
    Best regards,

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    It's thin and not going to hold up to any kind of dueling, but it's clear and should work for showing off the internals of a saber.
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    I never thought of that - thanks for the reminder!

    Being able to view the innards is the idea, and that would work fine. And it's cheap!

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    There's no pictures in this anymore, but the old forum moderator X-wingband made a completely clear saber waaay back in 2006:

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    You can buy clear pvc, you'll probably want to search for "architectural pvc" the main advantage over polycarbonate and acrylic is that it is less likely to break and easier to work with because it is softer. If you did that for the main body and some cast resin parts for some of the other parts, you could make something pretty resilient that will suit the job.

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    Thanks, Jay-gon Jinn and jbkuma!
    I knew the wise and experienced masters would come up with something. I'll ask X-wingband for a pic for reference.

    There's a plastics fabrication company here in Seattle, Tap Plastics, that could fabricate whatever I want. I'm just not sure it's worth the cost. I'll mention architectural PVC when I call tomorrow.

    I'll be asking a forum question in the next few days that, if you have time, I'd appreciate some insight. It'll concern wiring strategy. I need to throw it out to my students and let them shape the question first.

    Thanks again for your wisdom - much appreciated!

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    Depending on what you students are learning you may want to look at the FX-SaberOS project. Open source Arduino based lightsaber electronics. The main components are an Arduino, mpu6050, and DFplayer. All inexpensive, off the shelf components that are useful for all sorts of diy projects.


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