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Thread: My Jacen Solo MHS saber

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    Default My Jacen Solo MHS saber

    My Latest build, and first try with a mostly metal crystal chamber reveal and a CFX. Knurling done by TCSS and the rest of the customization done by myself. Very happy with the way it turned out .

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    That' sweet! Nice work. I like the design. How did you get that small square grid pattern ont there towards the back?

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    Very nice! I really like the overall look of this saber. Inside and out. Great job, dude.


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    Thanks man the grid pattern is the rectangular knurling option from tcss

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    Thanks heaps man

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTourist View Post
    Thanks man the grid pattern is the rectangular knurling option from tcss

    I have acutally tried to find the kurling tool to make that exact pattern with no luck.. Was that a special service because I've only ever seen the diamond kurling service available. The crystal chamber section of that saber you did is very nicely done dude. I love it!

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    i remember seeing a post from them a while back mentioning it, but like you i could never find that button haha so i just selected the knurling service then just requested rectangular in the comment section. Ill definitely be using it again because it turned out great


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