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Thread: Modifying an an Acrylic Chassis Disk for a NB Pre-wired Module

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    Default Modifying an an Acrylic Chassis Disk for a NB Pre-wired Module

    Hello from Seattle!

    Has anyone tried adapting an acrylic chassis disc to hold a pre-wired NB sound module?

    Looks like it may work, but I recall reading somewhere on TCSS site that the module is not designed for insertion in an acrylic disc.
    My students like to live dangerously tho.

    I have two packs each of NB / Pico and CFX discs, so I can afford a mistake or two with a rotary tool.

    Any advice and / or best practices?


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    if you only have to make small adjustments use small files, you'll have more control and less likely for things to go horribly wrong.

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    I use a file or my dremmel tool to carefully adjust them as needed. Just be careful bc it is easy to go way too far lol

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    Thanks again for the sage advice, jbkuma. Much obliged.
    I endeavor to keep teenage students and horribly wrong as far apart as possible.

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    Thanks, Light Bringer. I have a 1/8" grinding tool thingy for my Dremel, but that still seems a bit too big. What attachment would you recommend?

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    Honestly you can usually use the diamond tip attachments that are usually used for engraving bc it has a super fine point. Most everything will melt right through it with ease because that acrylic material is so soft. I also have a small piece that has a round trip that I use for pretty much everything.

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    Thanks, Light Bringer!
    I nabbed a diamond tip attachment and that works great.
    Much obliged!

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    Anytime man! If you ever need anything, feel free to give me a shout!


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