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Thread: Saber neopixel dies out

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    Question Saber neopixel dies out

    I built a neopoxel saber and programmed it as needed it was the first time doing this style the problem i have is that the
    saber fires up and works but when i choose a bright color or I tap it and it gives flash on clash it turns off, and I have
    to put in the kill key and then pull it out so it can again start up, it will stay on when i push the button and hum while turned on but
    the moment i tap it it goes off if I choose a bright color it goes off and so on etc. i have a 7.4 battery in it and a charge
    port I have noticed that if it sits alone for a while or the battery is low it will work almost decently what do I needed to
    to fix it, I am using a crystal focus 10 and it should be able to handle 7.4 volts any good ideas or solution is appreciated.

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    Are you using a battery with a high drain capacity? 15a preferably? The neopixels need alot of juice to run and pull extra power from the battery when the flash on clash activates, you are probably tripping the protection circuit

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    You are using the wrong type of battery.
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    Your 7.4 battery is destroying the pixels, you need a single cell.

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    7.4V batteries were used in earlier days of the saber hobby before Neopixels for certain older in-hilt LEDs ex Luxeon V that required high voltage and in some circumstances for running 2 dies of a tri or quad LED star in series where high source voltage was also required, instead of parallel wiring more common now where current is divided instead of voltage.

    So originally soundboards incl Crystal Focus were designed to be ABLE to handle high voltage for such applications.

    Today a single cell battery solution of lower voltage but that can sustain a high amperage current draw without tripping the protection PCB like a good 15A 18650 is used for modern saber applications and is what you want, especially for Neopixel.

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    Thanks I'll make some changes,


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