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Thread: First saber build is in the bag

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    Default First saber build is in the bag

    Hello all, I have finally finished my first saber build. I was a great learning experience. Everyone here has been such a help and given me so much help.
    So here it is, I call it Grace.

    Its MHS V1 hilt parts.
    Internals are Arduino Nano Running FX saber os
    Tcss 18650 batt.
    Chassis is all custom 3d printed parts based on the TCSS chassis disks with custom cut brass tubing for spacers
    High power on off switch with custom micro usb charge port.
    Custom printed tactile switch holder and button caps.
    28mm Tcss speaker
    The blade is 138 led neopixel with TCSS neopixel adapter.

    It was a blast and a headache at times, but I loved it and have already started planning out my next build

    Here are some pics of the internals and fully assembled

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    Hey BanthaPooDoo, congrats on your first. Nice work, it's a cool looking saber dude. Now, on to the next one


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    I already have that on the burner, starkiller w crystal reveal.

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    You are not kidding. Im already shopping for machineing equipment. I cant thank eveyone here for their help and tutorials.
    Keep it up everyone.


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