Same as before, we will be running this as a silent auction. Bid whatever you like and the highest bidder wins. Bids will be accepted until midnight on 8/5/20 .
In order to place a bid all you need to do is send an E-mail to, as shown in the example below.
E-mail subject = Auction 1 $10
E-mail text = your real name and forum name (If applicable)
This must be done for EACH auction. Do not send an Email like this "Auction 1 $10, auction 2 $10" etc. If the bid/ e-mail is not completed as shown, it will be deleted. Shipping will be the actual shipping charge based off the package weight and will be added to the auction price. Once the Auction period is complete, we will reach out to all of the winners via E-mail.
In previous years, we have seen some lots go for way less than you expect so bid whatever you feel comfortable paying.
All of the parts may be damaged or almost perfectly fine. A majority of the threads work as intended but some may not.
These lots consist of Powder Coating rejects, prototypes, test parts, and dinged/dented B-stock. Do not expect perfect finishes and a lot of the parts may not be cleaned or polished.
No warranty is applied to any of the parts purchased within these lots.
If you see parts that we are currently out of stock on, please be aware that we have not had a Scratch and Dent auction for a long time.

Pictures can be found on the Facebook post here>