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    Hi all,

    I've lurked for a little while now and decided it was time to make an account. I discovered both the hobby and TCSS as a result of a cancelled Galaxy's Edge trip due to the pandemic this year. I had a reservation for the Savi's experience, and I decided that despite the closures I would build a lightsaber anyway.....Long story short one turned into multiple and now I can't stop.

    IMG_4359.jpgbuild 3.jpgIMG_4417.jpgIMG_4434.jpgIMG_4605.jpg

    All of these except the first are fully functional neopixel sabers utilizing the Golden Harvest v3 board. The first saber was actually an in hilt setup until I recently gut it for a pixel conversion. Anyway, thanks for having me.

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    Hi MCTeeJ

    Welcome to the forums. I’m really digging the one in the 2nd photo; was that one inspired By the old (legends) Imperial Knights from the Legacy comics?

    Good to have you

    - Steve

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    I appreciate it! Sacrilege, I know, but I actually haven't read any of the comics lol. My idea for the second one was a sturdy, functional padawan saber. I even thought of taking the diamond knurling to a slightly longer, fancier version as an evolution of the original for a post-trials jedi knight to wield.

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