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Thread: My new Jedi shoto on a budget

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    Default My new Jedi shoto on a budget

    Hi @all

    After 4 years without lightsaber building I have decided to give one of the really cheap China sabers a try.
    Overall I am very happy with this buy. The ice blue colour of the blade is very bright. The 3 sound fonts are also really good.
    I can choose 3 volume levels plus mute. It has flash on clash , lockup loop and several light effects :
    full bright mode, mid and low brightness , breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flickering mode
    Blade diameter is 22,2 mm with a length of 78 cm. The hilt length is 29 cm.
    I've attached some details (O-Ring seals, picture hook and electrical tape) and did a weathering to the hilt.
    The flame at the top of the hilt was done by salt-etching and the scratches with a Dremel tool.
    The pommel was made using a Neoperl faucet sprayer bought from Bauhaus DIY Shop in Germany.

    Cheers yogie

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    I've added some details to the hilt.
    A nice pipe clamp I've found in our hardware store to break up the slim design of the hilt.
    And some shims to build a little Tsuba

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