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Thread: Neopixel stopped working

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    Quote Originally Posted by null View Post
    Hey Ezra_Knight. Any luck getting it back up and running?

    Have you tried FJK & Light Bringer’s suggestions?

    While you may be correct; it is starting to sound more & more like a battery issue. The fact that it was working and then mysteriously doesn’t work after sitting overnight.

    Maybe something mis-wired associated with the kill key that isn’t cutting the power completely when its inserted?

    What are the specs on your battery and charger? (If its an el-cheapo / aliexpress battery it may not be up to snuff regardless of how it is labelled.)

    - Steve
    I used the Sony 15a battery from TCSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbkuma View Post
    what did you use to wire it up?
    I used 24 gauge to wire the battery and the strips. 28 gauge to wire data line, switches, crystal chamber, and speakers

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    Update: replaced the hilt side connector and added a new adapter, replaced the blade side connector as well as the led strips. This fixed it and it worked perfectly for days. I tried adding a new sound font and now there is no sound. Blade lights up, accent leds light up, I can even change fonts (although I can’t hear them or the font menu). There’s just zero sound. Not even a boot up sound. Tried formatting sd card and reinstalling default package with the same results. Lights up, but no sound. Tried using the debug tool in R.I.C.E and it says that it’s trying to play Hoth font. Tried rewiring the speaker. Same results

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    Aw man; chasing this kind of problem is always so frustrating isn’t it?

    Can you post some pics of the saber wiring? The guys around here have eagle eyes for spotting little things that could have been missed.

    Are you able to try another speaker in place of the one you have installed?

    If that doesn’t help you may need to reach out to Erv over on FX Sabers Forum (that’s where he spends most of his time) and see if he can help you out.

    - Steve

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    Sounds like you’ve either blown your speaker, or your amp.
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