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Thread: First saber build and already have the bug

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    Default First saber build and already have the bug

    Id like to start by saying thank you to all in the community for the advise and tutorials, yall have been very helpful.
    That said i just finished assembling my first neopixel blade and its awesome. Meg your tutorial made it so much easier. I hooked up my hilt with my test rig and everything works great.
    Should have the rest of the parts next week. Its not fully buttoned up and i got bit by the bug. I already have my next build schetched out already.
    I hope to have some pics to post soon as its complete. On posting pics can anyone recommend a good hosting site?
    Thank you again everyone

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    Hey Dave

    Good to have you. You know there is the 2020 TCSS saber building contest going on; why don’t you enter your saber?

    I know there are many image hosting site around but I use Imgur and have never had any issues.

    - Steve
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    I have thought about it. I just might. The cur off is august first right

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    Hey Dave

    Yup, FJK kicked it out to August 1st

    - Steve

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    Thanx everyone. I wasnt able to make the deadline due to illness, but i have most of it complete just some fit and finish left. Ill post some pics whenb its polished up.


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