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Thread: First saber build and already have the bug

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    Great job on the saber! How do you feel about it? What went well and what would you change for the next build?
    The chassis was the hardest. With the arduino set up space is at a premium. I had about 5 different chassis set ups till my final design.
    I so highly recommend cleaning the threads well and a little grease makes everything go together smoothly. I used a panavice to hold the chassis while i soldered and tweezers and mini forceps help for manuvering the wires in place for soldering and final assembly.
    I have another chassis that im working on for minor improvements for installing micro plugs for ease of dissambly down the road.

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    Well I decided to do some upgrading to the internals of my first Saber, Grace. Here is V2 with upgraded internals
    Installed are:
    Proffieboarde V2
    Using 20 awg for power lines
    26 awg for rest
    I also redesigned my chassis disks to fit the Proffieboard
    Rewired the charge port and kill switch
    printed a lower profile speaker holder to add some more space for the pommel
    also added a 2nd black ring at the pommel.
    I started to learn the config settings for the blades and font settings and I extremely pleased with how easy it seems to be.
    Next on the list is adding an extension usb port for the board itself for programming, also some weathering and possibly some etching.
    Here are some shots of it.
    Board and kill switch, forward is on backward is off/charge mode.

    Full board and batt plug

    Charge port

    Fully assembled with Pow and Aux buttons


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