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Thread: PCB Neopixel to LED Puck adapter

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    Default PCB Neopixel to LED Puck adapter

    So I want to make an LED puck to slide into my Vader's Vault protector with CFX and neopixel so that I can do some hard dueling with it. The first problem is that I don't know how much space is available in the blade cavity (I'll cross that bridge when I actually get the saber) but my real big question is what power output do I have to accommodate for with resistors when putting this together?

    I've got the actual build of the puck figured out (including flash on clash) but I have no clue what kind of power in dealing with.

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    How many diodes on your "puck". If its going to the spring pin adapter, you only have power, return, and data, so I think you'll only be able to run one color and one FOC sharing a common positive? Each diode fully on draws about an amp or so. If you had 3 diodes running, it would be about 3 amps, but it depends upon which LED you are using and how you're using it. Need more info.


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    Keep in mind the LED gets very hot. I've built several prototypes of this type of thing (see Space Windu's interview with me or a demo). My main concern with this as a product is that LEDs can get very hot, like 2nd degree burns hot, if you drive them LEDs at full current. At a minimum you should chose LEDs to limit your current based on 4V-4.2V. The conventional "wisdom" that the green and blue need no or only minimal limiting is a bit misleading. They might not burn out, but they will draw 1.5A-2A with very little benefit in brightness. The main benefit of sizing for 3.7V is that the blade will remain bright longer because it will still be getting high currents at lower outputs. Red is a bit more consistent because of it's lower voltage requirements.

    I don't have a video of specifically testing the LED, but in the video here you can see testing a 3/4" pixel blade (another experiment) side by side with my Pixel Star prototype that is driving a TCSS RGrB TriCree LED.

    There will hopefully be a video up soon taking about blade current and related topics soon.


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