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    Could I possibly replace original soundboard and battery pack with this? Also, how might I wire it to a tri-cree if I want all the LEDs running at the same time?

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    That could work in a MR, but if you look in the sound, speaker mount section: MHS V6 chassis, and order a 18650 battery sled to go in it, that chassis can hold any soundboard. Pre-wired seems nice and easy, but often times can limit your capabilities.

    TCSS Video about MHS V6 chassis and how it works, and how to build it:

    How to wire each soundboard is found in each instruction manual. Its always important to read the manual for whatever sound board you are using, and also to either print or draw a wiring diagram. Using different color wires for different components helps you to keep everything organized and easy to visually understand. Soldering isn't that difficult of a skill to master, you just need good equipment. Don't run to home depot or lowes and buy an Iron. Best to buy irons that are temp adjustable ESD Safe soldering stations. Several affordable options on internet. In the end, you are going to have to solder no matter what. Go ahead and learn, it expands your capabilities in building custom sabers and fixing stuff exponentially.


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    Here is another video where Madcow builds a saber with sound using this chassis system in a modular fashion. Of course, you can wire direct from soundboard to switch, speaker, and LED Module.

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