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Thread: First saber build some neopixel questions

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    Thank you for the tip on the extra led and fold over suggestion. That thought came across my mind at work today. I will definatly try that out when i get the strips in. I had read some people had said about possibly trimming the strip but i had seen alot more about not doing it cause the inherent risk of damage so not going that route.
    Also tim, i really liked the durability tests you did. Would love to see some heavy sparring if you have any videos of it.
    I havne't done any heavy sparring, just hit a tree with a Heavy Grade blade. I don't suggest that with thin walled, but thick walled survive just fine.


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    I can see it splitting or cracking with heavy hits. I was a bit rough with toys as a kid and have memories of testing the durability of most of them!
    Also I think im gonna do a build log of my first saber. Kind of commerating it.
    Should have my first set of parts tomorrow woohoo.


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