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    Hi everyone. I have not posted a new build in quite a while. The truth is I spend most of my hobby time these days behind a keyboard instead of at my workbench. It was fun to get back at it for this build which I had been planning for over a year.

    - Protowerkstatt DIYino Infinity V1.1 (Prototype)
    - Tri-Rebel RGB
    - 28mm bass speaker
    - MHS extension for the main body
    - MHS pommel style style 10
    - MHS blade holder style 4
    - MHS sleeve material
    - 12mm AV switches
    - All-in-one PVC/Polyurethane pipe chassis/core

    This build is very special to me. I recycled the emitter, pommel, and RGB module from my original Arduino saber in order to complete this new one. The old saber was my very first attempt at building a saber with sound and also my first attempt at making my own saber control board with Arduino. It was bitter sweet to disassemble that old saber. Even though it had not seen much use in many years, and the parts were going to a good place, I found myself pausing to reflect on the importance of what that saber represented: My start down the path in this hobby. My journey has gone in directions I could not have imagined at the time and it all started right here at TCSS. (

    The bottom section especially is meant to pay homage to the donor saber and remind me of where it all began.

    Pics and Video:


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    Very nice. Watched a few of the infinity board vids and they look sweet.
    Know where i can find more info on it?

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