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Thread: CFX with Neopixel Accent lights question

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    Default CFX with Neopixel Accent lights question


    New to the forum and the world of saber building. I am just confused at how neopixels would work as accent lights in general.

    How does one wire them up to the CFX board? I'm trying to sketch out the wiring for everything before I begin my journey.

    As an example. Let's say I wanted to use a neopixel led as an accent light for a crystal chamber. I want to mirror the led with the blade.

    What is the recommended way of wiring it to the board? Do I simply use the accent led pads (1- on the cfx board to the data pad on the pixel? Then I assume pixel + pad goes to battery and - pad I'll just ground out?

    If the accent led pads are used, is it recommended to use an smd resistor or do I just short those 2 little pads?

    Apologies if my question is dumb. I am just trying to educate myself with everything.

    Thank you.

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    If you wire a single pixel parallel with your blade line on the same data pad, it will act the same as the first pixel in your blade. You can also wire it in series, where it is the first pixel in your blade. I'd wire it parallel. You basically run independent wires to it from the same pads your main blade runs off, and it will work just fine. I'm pretty sure Erv enabled some separate data pad on CFX, but I don't know that much about it yet. I have only done 1 CFX install, and it had no crystal chamber.


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    Thanks for your info.

    I seem to be finding more info regarding the Proffie boards as I assume more people use them. Looks like you can wire pixel's in series then program sub blades to run controls/effects on the different groups of the pixels. I suppose I am just having a hard time understanding the CFX manual and how to wire the pixel lights properly/most effectively. It would be nice to add some different grouped pixel led's and then apply different effects on those groups. I assumed those pads, specifically 2,5 and 8 would be used as the data lines to the pixels but perhaps I am misunderstanding the manual.

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    I am more well-versed in the other board, and yes, on it you can program subblades, but you also have 4 data pads to work with as well. I know CFX has some expanded data capabilities. There is a thread up higher in the forum where Erv chimes in to answer questions. If you have facebook, there is also a CFX Support Group on there where Erv also posts. Neopixels to light up a crystal chamber when you want it to mimick your blade is easy. It can even be done on Nano Biscotte, Prism, Spark, or any other board that supports neopixels. Its the accents where it gets tricky, like if you are trying to use neopixel accent strings in your chassis to do different things than your main blade. I'm not sure how to do that on CFX, but I do know how to do it on Proffie.

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    Found the facebook group. Thanks for that.

    Will see if there's any information there. I find the Proffie manual easier for the layman to understand as opposed to the CFX manual. It feels like there should be a simple/straight forward solution to this but I'm just not gathering it from the manual.


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