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We hope everyone is staying safe! It is time for us to a moment for a quick update on what is currently going on here at the shop.

Between the 18th and the 24th of this Month, a majority of our employees will not be here due to an out of state Memorial we are attending. We will still be processing orders with a smaller crew but during this period, we will not be looking at any requests to add to already placed orders or make any changes. Expect slightly longer delays on any orders that consist of services.

- Many styles of blade tips will be seeing a restock throughout this week.
- All styles of Neopixel Blade Adapters are complete, and will be restocked soon.
- We have been running various styles of heatsinks and aluminum 'heatsink cans'. Some are done, and some have yet to be machined. Make sure you have email alerts set for the heatsinks you need.
- Pommel Style 4 should be finished machining this week, and will be stocked shortly thereafter.
- We have started first operation machining on multiple MHSV1 'Choke' extension styles.
- A handful of switch box styles were machined last week. These will go through the tumbling process before they are restocked.

Please be aware that these updates do not confirm an immediate restock and due to machine/manufacturing priorities, can change at any given moment. Please do not ask for a specific ETA as we will not have that information available for most MHS products. We are always evaluating multiple factors when we work through our pipeline.

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