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Thread: Kylo ren supreme leader fx elite conversion

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    Default Kylo ren supreme leader fx elite conversion

    Does anyone know if the original kylo ren conversion fits into the newer Supreme leader elite fx hilt?

    Are the threads on the conversion the same as on the mhsv2 npxl pcb holders?

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    I'm not sure if the conversion kits fit into the supreme leader FX hilt; however, hasbro has kind of kept all their other molds for everything else, so I suspect that it will. When hasbro took over master replicas, all their graflex hilts retained the same dimensions from Master Replicas. MR Conversion Kits for graflex have fit every version whether MR/Hasbro.

    When I converted my BS Kylo to neopixel/TeensySaber, I used a standard 1" PCB Neopixel Holder, and dropped it into conversion kit, and secured it with a set screw, and did not use the threads in the bottom of the conversion kit.

    "Let the past die."

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    Thanks, love your nxpl build video btw

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