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Thread: Shout out to your Inspiration/Muse/Mentor for this hobby

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    Default Shout out to your Inspiration/Muse/Mentor for this hobby

    I wanted to throw a shout out to the Jedi Master who inspired me, that yes, I could create a custom lightsaber of my own and got me started in this wonderful hobby.
    I have been away for quite some time and I don't post very often. But I wanted to give props to a proper inspiration.

    I don't know how many of you will remember Jedi Loreen (Lauri) and her EL Lightsaber threads/tutorials. But those tutorials were what got me into this hobby.

    It's very late in coming. but Jedi Loreen, thank you for being an inspiration.

    All you others, please throw a shout out to those who inspire you.

    EDIT: Big Faux Pas for not mentioning Tim/Strydur, without whom none of us would have had a place to share our love of sabercrafting.
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    Now, there’s a name I haven’t heard in ages... J-Lo.
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:
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    TCSS (Tim), Darth Sloan, MadCow, and Shameem were my inspirations/mentors.

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    I remember J-Lo too and yes BRAVO to her for helping a lot of newcomers (incl me) in the early days of the saber hobby with that tutorial and other ways.

    I'll add Strydur (Tim), Corbin and Ultra when they were the 'Trinity' in the early days when I was a complete noob and helped so many so much, Acerocket (Erik) for some custom work I still treasure, Yoda, Erv, Novastar, Caine and in particular Jango (Josh) on FX-S who went 'above and beyond' for me multiple times, and the Gemini twins (Dusty and Casey) likewise...just some of the great folks and mentors I've met in the saber hobby.

    Oh and Fender and Allaera of Vader's Vault...Alan and Deanna are awesome.
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    When I stumbled upon the work of Slothfurnace, I was blown away by awesomeness. I didn't even know this kinda lightsaber construction was even a thing. That lead me down the rabbit hole to the beautiful artistry of Arsenal, Harp, Madcow.
    How can I get my hands on this sort of thing?
    Finding The Custom Saber Shop gave me the chance to attempt to try and emulate that which had wowed me. That's when I took my first step into a larger world and now I'm inspired by many members of the saber community.
    So thanks to Tim for TCSS and to so many others (I'm probably not even aware of) for all the innovation and dedication that has lead us all to this point so far.

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    I stumbled right into this forum from my start. My wedding was coming up and the venue wouldn't let us do a real saber arch so I joked with my lady "well we could do lightsabers", she rolled her eyes at me and I decided all my groomsmen were getting custom stunt sabers as their groomsmen presents. A marathon of 6 Sabers and I was hooked, lol.
    Now my daughter wants one and I plan on getting her into it as well.
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