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Thread: Tri cree flicker configuration question

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    Default Tri cree flicker configuration question

    I just upgraded my stunt saber from a single red led to a red/red/white tri cree for flash on clash using a verso. The flash works great (though I think thee red could be brighter. I might have been overzealous in my choice of resistor). Anyway, Iím using the ďunstableĒ font and thereís a flicker that (I think) varies the brightness of the red. But Iíd like it if it tossed a little of the white in there for added instability.

    Is this possible? If so could I ask someoneís advice? I donít fully understand the manual on the subject.

    Thanks guys.

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    Hey Alderscorn

    Have you asked over on The Rebel Armory? Verso isnít sold in the TCSS store, so there isnít as much support on these forums for it. Iíve seen info & support for it on TRA or on FX-Sabers.

    - Steve

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    Oh whoops, I hadn’t even thought of that, thank you.


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