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Thread: RGB LED & MHSV1 for use with NBv4 Assembly wiring

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    Default RGB LED & MHSV1 for use with NBv4 Assembly wiring

    Hoping someone can either confirm this issue or at least point me in the right direction. I purchased a pre-wired nano biscotte V4 with battery holder and speaker. I also purchased an RGB LED MHSV1 NBv4 Assembly. I have the blue and white wires matched the red and green wires matched. When I power up the saber I get sound but no light. I looked all over and this is just spposed to be plug and play. so I figure that the LED is either dead or the wiring is messed up somehow. I plug in a single LED into the NB and it lights up. So I take apart the heatsink on the RGB LED. IT looks like the colored wires are soldered to the positive terminals and the negative terminals are wired into the single white wire. The white wire on the NB is a positive terminal and all the colored wires are negative. So did CSS wire the LED wrong or am I just not seeing something.

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    Now, I've only used the NBv4 unwired, but when I wired it up to my RGrB LED, I had all of the positive wires wired into a single wire, and each negative die with their own resistor+wire going to L1, L2, and the PEx. So perhaps a wiring error(?), unless I misunderstood what you were saying.

    As an afterthought, I'll put the diagram that I used for my lightsaber. I used a couple different configurations to make this, and have tested everything (mine works well, as far as I can tell at least). Nano Biscotte Soundboard -- Lightsaber Wiring Setup.jpg
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    Thanks. I Figure that CSS wired the LED backwards. I am going to try a rewire without de-soldering. Hopefully I can salvage it I really do like the setup.


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