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We hope everyone is staying safe!

As promised, here is a new shop update. We have a lot more that probably didn't make this list and just to be safe, we suggest signing up for Email Alerts on the products you are waiting on.

- A new Machine Operator has been hired on in to the shop and productivity is up 150%.
- Machining on MHSV1 MPS Insert Styles 1,4,6,7,10,12 and 13 is complete and they are awaiting inspection; some styles may require tumbling which will delay restocking, others will be in stock ASAP.
- We are performing the second threading operation on 2", 3" and 4" MHSV1 Double Female extensions, we will wrap up machining on them throughout next week.
- A batch of Vader Conversion kits are done and ready to be inspected and added in to available stock. If this batch sells out fast, do not worry as we have more in the works.. we just wanted to rush a batch because we know many people are waiting.
- Various other conversion kit styles are in the works as we speak, so make sure you sign up for Email alerts if you are waiting on a specific style.
- Sound Chamber Styles 1,2,3 and Blank should be in stock by the end of next week at the latest.
- MHSV1 and MHSV2 Double Male adapters are finished, and should be stocked soon.
- Gender Changer and Gender Changer Style 2(Thick Walled) are finished, and should be in stock soon.
- While we were running the MHSV1 Gender Changers we decided to make a style to add to the MHSV2 lineup.
- 1" Pixel Hilt Side Adapters have been running all week.

Please be aware that these updates do not confirm an immediate restock and due to machine/manufacturing priorities, can change at any given moment. Please do not ask for a specific ETA as we will not have that information available for most MHS products. We are always evaluating multiple factors when we work through our pipeline.

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