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    Hey everyone, Just want to make sure there's nothing crazy here. I was going through my parts bin and discovered a NB V2, and a NB V3, but it looks like I've got wiring harnesses for a NB V4 (all JST), maybe a V3 (Mostly JST, but orange wire is not), and some for V1 or 2 (no JST, just straight wiring coming out of the harness), no idea. As long as I don't plan on using the FOC can I put the V4 harness on a NB V2 board, or do I have to like with like? I think the holes all line up between the boards. I'm building a fairly basic saber here and for the exception of a vandal switch led getting wired in it should look just like the manuals example.
    Any insights appreciated.

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    YoI have to make sure all of the wires line up and go where you expect them to go (LED, Switch, speaker, etc.) having wiring diagrams of the various boards side by side will be very helpful for you to compare them all.
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    That's what im working on right now, just wanted to make sure there wasn't some weird gotcha I'm not aware of.
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