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Thread: NBIV LED strip parameters

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    Default NBIV LED strip parameters

    Hello All, Working on my first pixel strip build. I'm using WS2812B strips and just wanted to double check my parameters in the NBIV. Here's what I've got, is this correct?

    ledstrip = 150
    ls0 = 14
    ls1 = 28
    lsfadeon = 1
    lsfadeoff = 1
    lightstick= 0


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    Hey CreativeForce

    Yup, for the WS2812B that looks correct (according to the manual). The only thing you might possible adjust is “ledstrip” value. That value should reflect the actual # of LED in you blade; is it really 150 pixels long?

    - Steve

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    Copy that. I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. I will adjust accordingly. Thanks so much!


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