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Thread: NBv4 Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Tilmon View Post
    I have installed a lot of NBIVs, but have never bridged pos and negative. I have burnt some other boards, not sold at TCSS though. its part of the learning process. Don't give up on it yet, clean up all the solder, hook a speaker to it, reformat and fill the SD card, and just run 3.7 volts to it with a speaker and see if you get a boot sound. If you do, hook up a switch, and see if features work. Basically mock it up outside your chassis.

    Then hook all your other stuff up. Try to shorten the amount you strip from your wires, you are stripping too much insulation off the wires, and that is a recipe for shorts. You need less than 1/4" to cover the pad, don't strip that much, particularly if your jacket melts back, which it looks like it did. Use flux, pretin the wire, and bloop it quickly. Looks like you're trying through-hole soldering, but if you watch madcow's videos, he goes on the pads, not through them.

    Thanks for the advice! I've desoldered everything from the board so far and am going to do what you suggest and see if that works out. I'm also working on shortening the wires on everything so there's less area to cause a short. The only in-hole connections made were merely to test if everything would work (no soldering just contact with the pad). The battery is soldered onto the pads but I just placed the other wires into holes so that I could test if other connections work. I'm also going to re-wire the switch so there's not that ugly melted mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgetful Jedi Knight View Post
    The wiring isn’t the greatest. The leads are waaayyy too long (should only be about 1/16”). Sounds like the bridged pads probably blew something. I’ll ask Zook to pop in (he handles PL Board repairs in the US) and he can see what he thinks and if the board would have to be sent to him.
    That would be very much appreciated! I bridged the L1 and Neg. pads accidentally but I removed it before I took any pictures. I don't believe any other pads were bridged but there's a chance that they were. This is also my first time soldering a board so it's not as neat as I hoped it would be.

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    You can email him at and work it out from there. Tell him FJK sent you.
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