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Thread: Questions about machining materials

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    Default Questions about machining materials

    Due to covid 19 I've seen a lot of custom saber companies be out of stock in parts due to a lack of materials from China. I'm assuming they are referring to round stock of aluminum.

    My question is, why wouldn't you put out an ad locally to have people drop off aluminum cans and pay them a cent or two above standard recycling? Build a small forge and make your own round stock of aluminum for machining.

    Most Chinese aluminum is recycled from American trash anyways so wouldn't this be more economically and environmentally efficient?

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    These forums are connected to a Shop that produces hilt parts here in the states, that IS NOT MADE from “Chinese metals”. 6061 Aluminum isn’t something that’s made from a small home forge and some recycled pop cans.
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    idk much about the processes and materials used to make the parts, but reusing materials isnt as efficient as most people expect, especially at a basic forge

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