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Thread: Mounting a speaker on a 3D printed chassis

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    Default Mounting a speaker on a 3D printed chassis

    Hi all - I just (quote) Completed (unquote) my very first simple saber build (the exhilaration when it actually fires up!) and I'm working on the "Jam it all in the hilt" process. There are a lot of wires and stuff (cut to the wrong lengths) and a speaker trying to fit properly into a 3D printed chassis that wasn't (apparently) made to fit the speaker I have.

    The speaker doesn't want to seat into its place and I'm running out of material to sand away. My next thought was "glue it". But it occurs to me that I don't know what a wad of hot glue will do to the back of a speaker. Like if I embed it into glue, it won't sound right...right? It's the premium speaker and it doesn't "seem" like it has any air moving behind it but I don't know...


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    first off, measure the space and use the right speaker? TCSS has different diameter speakers. 28mm like the premium is pretty common for most chassis. If you have a slide out chassis, and too much wire, that can be very bad. Only have as much wire as you need and reduce the clutter.

    Don't hot glue. Try E6000 and painters tape to hold it in while it sets.


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    Well, it's my very first build so had no idea how much wire I needed. If I did it again, I would splice in JST connectors. As it was, I had to move the hilt around as well as the chassis because it's all attached.

    The speaker is 28mm but the tolerances on the 3d print arent great so the speaker won't "seat" so I figure some glue could help. I'll try a dab of the e6000 though, thank you!

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