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Thread: bought recharge port for a stunt saber but isnt chargeing the batteries.

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    Question bought recharge port for a stunt saber but isnt chargeing the batteries.

    i basically carried out the plan i had in

    i bought a tcss recharge port prewired with quick connects and added it into my stunt saber, but noticed after a while that the charger wasn't charging the batteries though the port, but if i take the batteries out and manually charge them its fine, i made a post of reddit an someone mentioned the negative leads on my port are backwards and said switching them should be fine. i just wanted to double check before taking the port apart.

    im still learning everything behind building the electronics and how they work so im not sure if i just did something backwards, or if i bought the wrong part for what im trying to do. pic of the setup

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    The leg of the recharge port that has the switchcraft logo etched into it is the "cutoff leg" that should provide your sound board with negative. The center post is positive. The other remaining leg should go to the negative battery post.

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    The battery holder has the wrong connector on it for that recharge port set up. TCSS battery packs have the male side of the JST connector on them. The battery should be plugged into the other connection going into the electronics, but switching the negatives on the port as has been suggested already will work, too.
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