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Thread: New MHS Builder Parts Requests

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    Default New MHS Builder Parts Requests

    Would it be possible/easy to have the Double ended male threaded connector style 1 available in the new MHS builder?
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    Seems we missed that one.. will get it added.
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    Apologies if this has been addressed already, but what about adding the new Ribbed Extension styles in the new MHS builder? I see the original Ribbed Extension, but not the new variants with reduced diameters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strydur View Post
    Seems we missed that one.. will get it added.
    Hey @Strydur ! I would love to see some Activation Boxes in the new 3D MHS BUILDER too!

    Box1 for certain, Box15, 20, and 25 would be neat as well if you can get to them.

    Box2, 9, 19, for A/V Switches...

    ... and a 16mm A/V Switch would round out the helpful design options in the Builder.

    The boxes don't have to have "Snap-fit", or rather I'd prefer if they didn't. I think it would be neat to place the boxes in areas not necessarily designed for them, and the old builder wouldn't allow that placement because they'd snap to a predetermined location.

    Maybe make a Check Box on the Builder to disable "Snap-fit" for certain components?

    Just to make it look all fancy, some Pommel Inserts would be a nice finishing touch! MPSI10 for the win . FLInsert4, and because it's TCSS Builder after all, you gotta have MPSI14.


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