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    Started a Quarantine project. 060D0538-162C-4333-872D-3BC68B6732B2.jpg
    I destroyed the cheapo Jedi Belt that my wife got me a few years back and figured I could create my own. Nowhere screen or canon accurate, this is more EU, a Jedi stationed Outer Rim territory. Inspired by a western style ranger belt, like you'd see worn by a cowboy. Wanted something sturdy with a quickdraw feel for my covertec; though just as easily swapped for a D-ring and clip.
    The whole thing is made out of pieces of 8oz veg tan leather, with the inner belt measuring 2.5" wide , and about 38" long. Outer belt pieces are 1.5" wide and lengths ranging based on purpose. Buckle is just a blank that I plan on embellishing. It'll be getting a concho, some Chicago screws, and eyelets for looks/holding it all together.
    Still needs the basics like dye, bevels, and burnishing, but I want to get the layout right before I do anything too permanent.
    Eventually I'll add some pouches to carry basic supplies like spare battery or snacks, maybe a flask carrier.
    I'll try to post updates as I go. If people like these projects I may keep making some variations to show off different gun belt styles for sabers, (I'm also working on some Mandalorian inspired holster sets for other projects)

    Flying Fox

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    Nice looking belt; I love me some leather! (Wait... that came out wrong... Ha ha ha, nevermind)

    Are you going to leave it natural or do you plan to darken it / stain it up?

    - Steve

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    Im planning on dyeing it a darker brown. Still debating doing some tooling on it then hit with an antique gel, give it that weathered look. The outer rim isn’t a gentle place.

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    Hereís an update. Ecoflo Timber brown with a Tan antique treatment to help the minimal tooling pop and give a bit of a weathered look. Still need to figure out hardware and stitch it for a strong hold. Pouches are in progress but focusing on main belt right now. Iíll get some better pictures when finished.
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    Do you have the final result ready yet? I really want to see it!


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