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Thread: Kreyhn's Saber

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    October 2020

    It's all coming together.

    That brass has that Greenie shine. It could use a little tarnish for this hilt... I've had my hands on it, now it just needs some open air and time.

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    The externals are tarnished, but I want the internals to remain as pristine looking as possible. Each element was/will be polished and coated. I used some stuff called Protect-A-Clear. It is a candy-coat kind of material which adds a layer to the material. I'm not sure what folks like Greenie use to keep their elements shiny in the long run.

    The next part was removing the 'signature' line from my chassis element. I used my dremel router bit and some miniature chisels to carve out the nylon. I highly recommend using a hot knife or a tool meant for plastic instead of wood. These chisels were sharp and they took some real force to remove pieces of plastic. I may have cut myself pretty bad at one point. The piece I removed was for a brass inlay. I cut an inlay from some more brass sink tube, coated it, let it cure for 5 whole days, and glued it in with plastic-specific epoxy. I think the end result was worth the effort:

    Integrating it with the crystal chamber:

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    Putting in the wires to make sure it all fits:

    And cutting wires to length for installation. I only used black wires for asthetic. Not the usual recommendation, but I kept track of them with labels on masking tape. When it was time for the install I used colored heat shrink to mark each wire.

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    Putting on some final details, like comparing the look of different wiring styles:

    In the meantime, polishing all the brass chamber elements; they had tarnished quite a bit over the past few years when I would handle them a lot, testing ideas for the chassis and chamber. Who knew they could get so shiny!? And, time for some clear coat:

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    Once the pieces had all cured, it was time to assemble it and finally, wire it all together. My soldering has gotten better since building a few movie replica sabers and watching some tutorials. A trick I came up with for all the tiny messy bits involved in the soldering, shrinking, cutting, and stripping was to keep a piece of tape sticky side up on my table. I could drop trash pieces onto it to keep them all in one place and the rest of the workstation tidy:

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    There were some issues which came up, like the high amp switch malfunctioning and not making a connection anymore, and the blade would light but the LEDs were all driven to the max. I was lucky I bought a MK2 board on a whim when they came out and had that as a backup for the MK1 which malfunctioned.

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    That's a wrap! I got it all wired up, and it is lit! It is so satisfying to ignite the saber for the first time once things are working.

    Thank you all tremendously for sharing your tips and tricks along the way to building your sabers. I stand on the shoulders of giants. This build takes great inspiration from many of you all. I would name people, but the list would be long and I would inevitably leave out someone whose own work was important to this design.

    Again, thank you all so much. This has been an incredible project. I cannot wait to take some glams and share them! (There might be a few more minor tweaks to put the finishing touches on, but for now it's good enough)

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    Very nice work. Congrats dude.


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    Very nice detail work on the crystal chamber! Well done!

    Got a question? Start Here. Have you tried the Thread Index yet? Most questions can be answered there.

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    That's coming along nicely! I love me some brass & copper sabers!


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