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Thread: CFX led not working

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    Default CFX led not working

    I must be missing something here please excuse me if it's something obvious.

    I've wired my Tri Cree (RGB) to L1 for RED, L2 for GREEN and L3 for BLUE and I've wired the positive to + on the top left of the CFX board as shown in the diagram.
    The board is also powered by a fully charged standard 18650 Li ion.

    Sounds, Ignition/Aux switches and power are working perfectly just no light :(

    It seems like a common occurrence as I've got 3 CFX boards here and they all have the same issue, the LED I tested and it is functional just not on the boards color pads...
    I've even tried with other LEDs that have single colors and none work with the board.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thanks FJK, may the force be with you.

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