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Thread: CFX versus Biscotte (vs. ???)

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    Default CFX versus Biscotte (vs. ???)

    I'm looking to put together a saber for myself as a project. It's just going to be for playing around with and nerd-cred, really, not battling. I think it's a fun hobby but I feel like I want to make myself an amazing saber with enough bells and whistles to be a lot of fun (but not so many that it's aggravating to figure out).

    I'm building a neopixel saber (and have most of those parts as well as most of a hilt designed) but have waited to get a driver. I was thinking I would get a Crystal Focus 10 because it seemed like it was a nice challenge for me to assemble (but doable) and had tons of features that I could mess with along the way (the option to add features or not). I didn't want to be in the situation where I would outgrow it, you know? But they seem to be out of stock everywhere from what I can see (I don't even see them on the plecter labs site but I could be missing it).

    But the Nano Biscotte seems to be popular as well, so I don't want to totally discount alternatives.

    I know it's all personal preference but I would really value your opinions based on what it looks like I'm trying to accomplish and your own experiences.

    Thanks so much all

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    The CFX isn’t sold directly from Plecter Labs anymore. They are sold by the affiliates (TCSS is te one here in the states).

    The CFX is the top of the line and the NB is the “starter” version of soundcards. From what I remember, the Pico doesn’t support Neopixel and if for too-Crees only, and there’s no real configurability available on that board.
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    I also purchased a CFX board for my 1st build still in the works... It is a top notch board totally worth the money. You will not be disappointed with the features of this board combined with the NeoPixel strips!

    Hope this helps...

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    Good stuff, thanks guys! Sounds like I'll have to be patient and wait till it comes back in stock and ill be rewarded with a great card.


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