So I'm finally ready to show this off! This is my Derelict build, of course based on the design from SWTOR by SlothFurnace. It's all MHS parts I got from TCSS. The top shroud I cut myself, as well as the bottom grip, which was cut down from 4 inches to 3. I'm pretty proud of this build, it was the first thing I ever built using TCSS parts, and the most complex cutting I've done. It's of course got a bit of differences to the original Derelict, and its very rough around the edges, but I'm happy with it! I wanted it to have a weathered and beat up look, so the tool marks and imperfections add character to the saber I think. Theres a few things I'd do differently next time, but oh well.

It's running a NBv4 and a blue Rebel LED. It's all using quick connects, and, though I didn't show it, I have cut a whole in the side of the speaker mount and fed the wires from the battery and sound card down into the bulbed Obi-style pommel, so that way I only have to unscrew the bottom to charge it or connect the power when I want to use it, to save battery. It's maybe a little more work than figuring out how to wire a recharge port, but its simple, works well, and means I don't have to drill any more holes. If anyone wants a part list, I can supply it, just comment.