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Thread: 1.25 Sink tube blade holder alternatives?

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    Default 1.25 Sink tube blade holder alternatives?

    Hello there! I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. I want to use a 1.25 sink tube to make a hilt. I've made a couple MHS sabers and a PVC one in the past. My main issue is how to hold the blade and LED inside the tube since the holder has been out of stock for awhile. I know the store has the 1.5 holder right now but I have baby hands and wanted a thinner hilt. I thought about using some EMT I have but it's too loose. I don't have access to a lathe either and I thought about shaving down 1 inch pvc but I was hoping there was something I am missing that is easier.

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    I think your best bet would to be wait until they are back in stock - it is a really specific part and I’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere (aside from custom). The guys who use the EMT conduit usually wrap some tape around the blade to make it thicker but that seems kinda wonky to me.

    There are other retailers around that have emitters but nothing made to fit in a 1.25 sink tube. Maybe you could use a 3D printer part?

    - EDIT - I just noticed this Blank blade holder in the MHSv1 section. You could get a quote on having that shaved down to fit inside a 1.25 sink tube by the shop.

    - Steve
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    Sorry I've been busy with work so didn't check back. I'll look into that. I've also been playing with the idea of using my emt and securing it into the sinktube with Apoxy sculpt. I've used it for sculptures and it cures rock hard but I would be worried about the strength of it. The blade wobble I could be able to offset with set screws.


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