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Thread: Need Help First Build (Neopixel Parts List)

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    Default Need Help First Build (Neopixel Parts List)

    so far I made a parts list on a graflex neopixel build and I’ve been watching some tutorials and it has been very overwhelming with a lot information like the sound card and wiring and soldering...etc. Do you guys have any suggestions/advice for a beginner “sabersmith”?

    [Parts List]

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    Hey bensolo

    Advice? RTFM (an acronym that stands for “read the ... manual”) is probably the best advice. Also, invest in some decent tools & supplies.

    Are you leaning any particular way when it comes to soundboards? What features are you looking for in you Graflex?

    - Steve

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    Most importantly, you are about to spend a lot of money in tools and equipment that you will need. Plan on building more than 5 sabers, or that investment isn't going to be worth it. If you're still wanting to give it a go, you will need:

    A good temperature adjustable ESD Safe Soldering Station. Don't cheap out by going to home depot/lowes. Get a good soldering station, Spend money. Buy it right, or buy it twice.

    Don't make the first time you practice soldering be on a soundboard or on anything in your lightsaber. Practice on scrap wires, practice soldering them together and putting shrink over the joints. Then buy some breadboards from adafruit or elsewhere, and practice soldering/de-soldering wires from the pads. Once you are proficient in flowing solder, that is you have practiced soldering at least 100 or so wires to pads, and the joints are good, then take on a soundboard. Never strip more wire than you need to cover a pad. Twist and pre tin wires before soldering to board.

    When you go to install your saber, RTFM. Read it again. Then read it again. Before you put any iron to that board, you need to have the manual memorized. Then before you solder anything to the board, plan out your wiring with a wiring diagram.

    Do NOT try to build some unicorn saber with a gazillion features for your first lightsaber. Plan a simple build. Hilt, Battery, Chassis, Soundboard, and blade. THen wire it up. Your chances of success will improve greatly with the level of simplicity. The more complex you shoot for, the greater chance for frustration and failure.

    Understand simple electrical circuits. IF you don't, you're at a disadvantage. A good digital multi-meter is a big help in understanding circuits and how they work.

    Here is a lengthy video from saber builder Geoff Birch that talks about some basic entry level stuff you need to contemplate buying to begin building sabers, I think this video is a great place to begin. We all begin somewhere.

    Good luck!

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