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Thread: Damaged neopixel strip

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    Default Damaged neopixel strip

    I just got a couple neo pixel strips from the store and it looks like one of them was damaged in shipping. As you can see in the pic some of the resistors have come off and the strip is a little bent. I am doing a 36" blade, but if I have some extra to cut off I guess I can just get the resistors from those sections? If not I need new resistors. Or should I return it? Also looks like the store took the hilt side pins off the site?


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    Hey Pressed

    Did you shoot the store an email about the shipping damages? I’d wait to hear back from them before doing anything else with the strips.

    Also looks like the store took the hilt side pins off the site?
    Not sure if this is a question or what exactly you are asking. Again, shoot the store an email, maybe they are restocking soon (although it is strange for them to be gone completely). If Tim isn’t getting anymore into the shop there are other place to buy them - you could ask over on FXSabers forum.

    - Steve

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    Just sent a message to customer service at the store. I was going to do that earlier, but I wanted them to see a picture of the problem and thought this might be patrolled by Tim.

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    if it's been damaged enough to pull off the resistors I'd be concerned that the pads have been damaged or ripped off the substrate. The damage does some somewhat odd, the resistors should be the hardest thing to damage.

    That being said, the resistors aren't strictly necessary, and it should work as long as the tracks and LEDs aren't damaged.

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    The store is sending me a new one. Awesome customer service. I also ordered a cfx and the hilt side pcb with pins now that they are back.


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