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Thread: Accent led syntax help for CF10

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    Default Accent led syntax help for CF10

    I am a little confused on how to have an accent led flash while the Saber is on. I have read and re-read the CF10 manual and scoured through the RICE tutorial and could use some guidance.
    I have two anti-vandal LED switches (e.g. 12mm Anti Vandal Momentary Purple Ring Switch 12MRNP; confirmed they both work by direct connect to a battery). For one of them I set it up to illuminate until deep sleep and it is working. The other one I have solderd to Accent pad 1 and grounded per manual. However, I cannot understand how to "program" it to flash. I tried following the instructions and added instructions to the config file based on page 85 "Stages and Delays" but to no avail. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Thanks - Rodney

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    I figured it out. I did not bridge the pads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg007 View Post
    I figured it out. I did not bridge the pads.
    Is that one where you have to either bridge the pad or solder in one of those insanely small resistors?

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    Yep. I just bridge the pad with a short piece of wire and use a "normal"-size resistor inline with the LED wiring. I am just learning as I go. Thank goodness for YouTube. I never soldered before I started building sabers.


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