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Thread: How Does My new Dark Jedi Robes Look?

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    Default How Does My new Dark Jedi Robes Look?

    Don't Worry, I'll definitely be getting a new belt and Accessories!

    Hows it look so far?Jedi Me.jpg

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    Looks good Shriker1. Did you make them or buy them?

    - Steve

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    I bought them from a local Star wars Costume maker In Utah called Far Far Away Outfitters. I ordered from their Etsy shop:

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    Those looks pretty affordable. How is the material quality and the construction?

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    Its Really Comfy and Light, and really Durable too. quality is really good, and good construction. mines made out of Micro Fiber so its really Soft.

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    My costume also came from Far Far Away Outfitters on Etsy. Material quality & construction are good & very comfortable. Their sizing chart is pretty right on though the robe seems a little oversized but not by much. Overall I am happy with the whole purchase process, reasonable shipping time, quality & fit of the garments.



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