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Thread: Common Cathode RGB LED wiring question

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    Default Common Cathode RGB LED wiring question

    I've got a common cathode 5mm accent RGB from the TCSS shop, the one listed there. I have a Blue, Blue, White Tri-Cree main LED that want to wire up to an NB4, with the 5mm accent in line with main LED to light up my crystal chamber. I am only concerned with the blue anode in that 5mm RGB LED. I want to use it like a Blue 5mm accent only. Can I wire only the blue anode and common cathode up in in line with the main LED blues, ignoring the red and green anodes in the 5mm RGB accent? That should work, right?

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    Brilliant. Thanks, jbkuma. Don't want to leave the house to check out my local microcenter and minimize ordering stuff given the times right now since so much is out of stock. Figured I'd just use up what I have laying around my workshop for the time being.

    I'll wire only the blue up in parallel with my main LED.
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    I use these types of LEDs as status indicators all the time. Why waste inventory on bi-color LEDs, etc, when you could just wire one of these up? Of course if you were doing production runs it might make sense to optimize and reduce costs, but it is easier to just have a pack of 100 leds that can be whatever you need in the moment. I do have plenty of single color LEDs just because they are cheap and come in kits of various sizes and shapes. Sometimes it is also nice to have the resin match the LEDs color for one reason or another.

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    I'm essentially doing the same thing but I'm having issues with the brightness of the led when I test it in the circuit. What are you using for resistors if I can ask.


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