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Thread: Nano Biscotte V4.1 Silent

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    Default Nano Biscotte V4.1 Silent

    Hello smart saber people! I am new to lightsaber construction so I am curious if someone could help with something.

    I bought a nano biscotte V4.1 sound board pre soldered from The Custom Saber Company and after I wired it up to test it there was no sound. I made sure to format the micro SD card before loading the sounds and I also made sure the power was off before manipulating the card. The LEDs function beautifully and I was able to adjust the configurations for those so I am thinking the SD card and itís reader are fine. I checked the board with a voltmeter and it looks like power is not getting to the speakers. Any ideas?

    Someone from another group already suggested my amp is broken. If thatís true does anyone know how to repair or replace something like that?

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    Hey timlfuller2nd

    Did you use a bench top power supply to test the board initially? If not, what battery do you have wired up?

    Before you jump into changing the audio chip can you visually verify the speaker is soldered to the board correctly? It could be as simple as a bad connection from manufacturer.

    - Steve

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I fully charged the trustfire batteries that came with the kit and used them when I first tested the sound. I also double checked the contacts and everything looked good.

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    Hey timlfuller2nd

    Trustfire does make a few different batteries that are sold here in the store. I assume you are using a single 18650, 3.7v, 2400mAh?

    Did you every get sound from it or was the speaker "dead" from the start? Did you check your sound parameter file and ensure it was not set to "0"?

    I think you got a rely over at FX from 'Erv; he hangs out there more regularly but should be able to give some solid guidance - he is the "keeper of the buttered toast" after all

    - Steve

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    LOL! I’ll check over at Saber FX. Yeah, the speaker was dead quiet from the start. Thanks for the suggestion Steve!


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