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Thread: SF Prodigal Son Luke Skywalker saber (with some mods)

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    Default SF Prodigal Son Luke Skywalker saber (with some mods)

    A while back I finally installed my second saber (The first being a Derelict I built, which needs some fixes before I post anything about it here) which is a Saber Forge Prodigal Son that I've had for over a year now. It's installed with a nano biscotti V4, as well as an LS6 box from the TCSS store in place of the stock box from SF. I also replaced the stock tri-ring with this better d-ring. As shown in the pictures, I've put a small kill switch inside the box to preserve battery life, which I also wired to be an activation switch using the TCSS instructions. The kill switch actually sits in the box without anything holding it in besides some slight tension from the small hole I cut in the bottom of the box to house it, to make it easy to move if I fiddle with the electronics. The saber is a little beat up, but I think it works well for a used looking Luke Skywalker build.Overall I'm pretty proud of my first real build! It sounds great, and the prewired harness for the NBV4 is a wonder to work with. All thats left I think is to buy a Slothfurnace card to better match the neck color.
    IMG_3114 copy.jpgIMG_3115 copy.jpgIMG_3117 copy.jpgIMG_3116 copy.jpg

    Here's a vid of the switch/kill switch in action:

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    Congrats on the install! Are you going to upgrade the activation box so the blinkies light up too?

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    I don't think so to be honest, I've never been a huge fan of the blinking lights myself. The triangular pieces of plastic in the arrow holes are slightly colored so it still retains a small amount of the look.


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