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Thread: Neopixel section missing from store

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    Default Neopixel section missing from store

    Did the neopixel section get removed under blade supplies or did it get moved to another section? I know it was there yesterday but it isn't there today.

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    Nevermind i found it. It was moved.

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    Hey I'm having trouble finding the Neopixel Pin sets for the emitter of a lightsaber. I can't find any of the old Pin sets for the emitter. Even searching for 'pin' or 'neopixel' doesn't reveal the hilt side parts. Are the hilt side Neopixel parts still available? I would prefer NOT to purchase lighted versions from other vendors. TCSS all the way babY!
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    I noticed the same thing as it is the last piece i need. I had the 7 pin PCB in my wishlist but they were on backorder for quite a while. On Friday I saw that the in-hilt PCB were missing so I figured maybe they were updating them. So i tried moving the 7 pin PCB from the wishlist to the cart and it allowed me, so i order it. Now i am not sure it if it was glitch or not since it has been in process since Friday afternoon.

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    looks like those are all back in stock as of this morning fellas!

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    Received my 7 pin in-hilt PCB today and was able to finish my first custom saber. Now i just need the 3.7v smart charger to come back in stock

    Note: Today meaning April 3rd. Just realized i posted this after midnight.


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