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Thread: Nano Biscotte Neo Pixel Question.

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    Default Nano Biscotte Neo Pixel Question.

    I purchased the Nano Biscotte v4 with the intent of making a neo pixel saber. Currently I have the hilt installed and everything works fine, however, I’m still waiting for led strips to come back in stock. Since then I’ve been doing more research and I keep seeing “color extenders” and “power extenders”. I have my data line from the pcb going straight to the L3 tab per the manual. Do I need to change my set up? What’s the purpose of these devices?

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    Hey Brian

    You should be good with what you have setup. Power extender and colour extender are really more for driving rumble motors / accent LED’s and mixing colours on tri or quad-Cree LED’s respectively. There is a bit of info in the PCV4 manual (pg 30).

    - Steve

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    Make sure you buy the correct battery. You need the high amp output versions.

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