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Thread: MHSV1 + MHSV2 build

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    Default MHSV1 + MHSV2 build

    Has anyone used MHS2 extensions instead of MHS1 bodies? I like the smaller profile. Just curious.

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    Hey Inkedicon

    Interesting idea; they do make adapters to go from V1 to V2 in four different variations so there is no reason why not. I'm sure someone who's actually done it will chime in with real-world experience.

    - Steve

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    I've played around in the mhs builder using the different types. Looks cool in my opinion. I just don't know how they'd withstand combat or anything. I loom forward to some experienced insight. Also, I don't know if you could get switch holes in pieces other than bodies. I assume you can, I just never looked.

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    The V2 can withstand combat, as long as you build them properly. Also, you can get switch holes just about anywhere, just ask and be specific (additional charges apply).
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    I'm doing a build right now that has a small MHSv2 section

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    I’ve done it, makes great leather wrapped sabers762C7157-4531-4AA2-ACFF-3735E9B876D7.jpg
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    Cool! Thanks guys! Time to get designing.

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    I've actually done this type of build and just finished the hilt. I used an MHSv2 5" extension as the main body and then a 3" MHSv1 extension as the switch/NeoPixel hilt-side holder. Also used an MHSv1 pommel as well. Just need the adapters. Attached is a link to the build. I chose the v2 parts so that the level wrap would be level with the MHSv1 standard OD. Really solid in the hand too. For a time I toyed with the idea of not even wrapping it. Very nice profile. The insides have been a bit difficult though. I'm glad I opted for the 5" section it's the minimum needed for the chassis (battery rests at one end, speaker and recharge ports at the other, protruding out into the pommel)

    Here is what mine looks like, you can see the adapters.

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