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Thread: TRI CREE LED Wiring for Force FX Conversion (Help)

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    Default TRI CREE LED Wiring for Force FX Conversion (Help)

    I'm in the process of converting a Black Series Kylo Ren Lightsaber. My question is regarding the LED wiring. I want to use a Tri Cree Red Orange so that all three led light up on the main blade. Is it as simple as joining all the positives together and all the negatives together and add my resistor? Is it possible to add flash on clash to the Black Series Conversion?

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    The stock boards can’t handle a Tri-Cree (it can support one of the three die) and no, I don’t believe you can add FoC to a simple board like that.
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    So how is this to be done where all three light at the same time. What parts do I need and how do I wire it. Im converting a 2007 Luke skywalker

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    I would change the soundboard honestly, it is a good amount of work to convert one, and it just makes sense to put an adequate soundboard in there while it is gutted

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