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    Hey all,
    I'm in the midst of planning a new build, and came across and interesting quandary. Would there be enough room in the small gap between the threads of a male end MHS piece and the rest of the piece for a 2-56 screw hole? I'm planning on using a PVC chassis and am interested in using a screw there to hold the chassis in place which. I know Madcow uses a similar technique for some of his sabers' chassis. If there isn't enough room for such a screw, would it be possible to even impinge on the space of the threads just a bit?


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    This is pretty common practice. Although 2-56 seems a bit insufficient to me. 6-32 will just fit but you have to be pretty precise to miss the threads. If you do hit them you can clean them up with some needle files. We usually recommend novices not try this on expensive saber parts unless you’ve bought them to experiment with. 4-40 will fit a little better than 6-32
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    You can use 2-56 screws as long as they池e long enough to get a good grip into the PVC.
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    Awesome, thanks for the help!


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