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Thread: Tri Cree (cyan cyan white) & CF Sound Module 10

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    Default Tri Cree (cyan cyan white) & CF Sound Module 10

    Hi everyone,

    I just have a question:

    Is it possible to use a cyan cyan white tri Cree with a Crystal Focus Sound Module X?

    I was thinking that perhaps the Cyan Colour will be better / brighter / stronger than with a RGrB Tri Cree?

    Also, do you still need resistors for the tri Cree when using the Crystal Focus Sound Module X?

    P.s. This is my very first time I'm building a saber, I haven't ordered any parts yet, I'm just making plans in my head so far and working on that wish list.

    Thanks for any advise, that would be so much appreciated. I have been reading up on this website many useful things already, but this is still one question I didn't kind of figure in all the great videos and threads.

    May the Force be with you !


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    Yes, it'll work just fine, the CFX has 4 channels so you could use a quad cree if you really wanted (overkill). And yes, you'll still need a resistor.

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    Hi Svender

    You can use a Cyan/Cyan/White TriCree. Always use a resistor as CFX doesn’t regulate voltage.

    Wired in series you’ll get a longer run time IIRC, no real change in brightness though. For optimum brightness all the kids seem to be using these newfangeled NeoPixel blades.

    You understand that you’ll loose colour mixing ability going with C/C/W though right?

    - Steve

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    Thank you for your reply Raven and Steve.

    Steve, yes, I do know that I'd loose the colour changing ability, but as cyan seems to be the colour to go for, I want it nice and bright. And I still want to use the CFX though because of the smooth swing sound effect ...

    Cheerio, Svender

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