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Thread: Sentinel Yellow with FoC Questions

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    Default Sentinel Yellow with FoC Questions

    I'm thinking of getting sentinel yellow on an Ultrasabers staff. From what I understand, SY is obtained by red and green LEDs. How do the LEDs operate differently between a saber equipped with FoC and without FoC when idle? Is there a brightness difference of the SY between the two?

    I also have the option of choosing orange or silver FoC. I've only seen orange in videos, the orange imo looks too red and contrasting, and distracting during accidental trigger while spinning. I've yet to find a video with silver FoC, but I'm afraid it may not be washed out with the SY. I can't make a decision based on videos because camera images may not be accurate as seeing in person. Does anyone have first hand experience with both FoC colors on a SY? Which FoC color do you recommend?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    Wrong forum for that question.

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    Scott is right. That stuff is more for the Ultrasabers crowd than this one.
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