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Thread: Build list check, please.

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    Default Build list check, please.

    I have never done anything like this but my son wanted a light saber so off we go. I made a hilt out of sink tube with a pvc blade holder, I am wondering if someone could chime in on the internals I have placed on my wishlist before I purchase. Thanks for the help. Looking forward to someday building a neopixel with sound etc. but I have soooo much to learn.

    FYI i do realize the tip is clear, the trans white was out of stock was hoping if I scuffed up a little that it wouldn't be that noticeable

    Please visit the link below to view the list.

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    The tip on a cree setup isn't really lit up too much regardless of being clear or trans-white. The setup looks good, but if you want a brighter blade I would suggest a tri-cree (you would wire each die in parallel). With the AAA holder, you will need to keep in mind that impacts can dislodge a battery momentarily causing the blade to flash off then on. Good practice would be to make sure your electronics are secured in the saber and don't rattle around too much. I typically don't use AAA holders, I usually go rechargable which I would recommend if you go with a tri-cree.

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    RavenXp, thanks for the help. I might order red-orange/green/amber tri-cree but will have to research how to mix colors.


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